How do I install the app?

We are happy that you want to install our Interactive AI Product Finder. 🙌

Here are the written form instructions, but if you prefer a video, we got that too here!

Also, we always have your back! Our Skafos Helpdesk, located in the far right-hand corner of your dashboard, is ready to help you with your install at any time.

In this Article: Steps to install Product Finder app

Step 1: Go to the App Listing

Go to Shopify App Store and search for  "Skafos" or "Product Finder."  

Or click here to go directly to the app listing.

Step 2: Add App

Click Add app at the top of the listing.

Step 3: Accept app scopes

You will notice that we do not need much to provide an amazing experience.  FWIW, we do never share your data with anyone.  You can learn more about our privacy policy on our site.

Click "Install app" to continue.

Step 4: Select a Collection (or Category)

Take a moment to think through a good use case for your Product Finder to impact your sales. Most of our customers place their Product Finder widgets on high traffic, low conversion pages to increase product discoverability and boost sales.   

  1. Do you want a Product Finder widget to embed within your home page or on one of your collection (category) pages
  2. Where is the best location for the Product Finder widget to live on that page?
  3. What is the title and subtitle you want to give your Product Finder widget?

The collection you choose here is the product details we use to build the AI models that power your Interactive Product Finder.  Note, you can always change this when you want, anytime.

Click "Select a Collection" to continue.

Pick the collection using the checkbox, then click "Select" to continue.

Scroll down and click "Next" to continue to configure your app.

Step 5: Configure the Look & Feel of your Product Finder

Notice that you can preview your configuration changes in real-time.  Use the two tabs to view how the app will look.

Product Finder View is what the app will look like when your shopper begins interacting with the app.   Summary View is what the app will display to your shopper when it recommends products.

Edit the Product Finder Title & Subtitle

Edit The Summary View Title & Subtitle

Pick The Font You Want

Edit Colors

Once you are finished configuring, you are ready to deploy, so click "Deploy"!

Step 6: Deploying & Embedding the App in your Store

Since we need to train AI models to power your solution, building the app could take up to twenty minutes. I know it could seem like forever, but it will be worth the wait. You can see the status of each Build Task in the "Solution Build Status" section.  Once you have "DEPLOYED"& "SUCCEEDED" everywhere, you are ready to move on to Installation.

You will embed the app in a section of your Homepage and/or on a Collection page.  The general installation directions above will take you step by step on which code to copy, where to paste it, and how to make sure it works.  Don't worry; it looks more complex than it is! If you have trouble, please watch the installation video, or click the "Skafos Helpdesk" button in your dashboard to get immediate assistance.

Step 7: Select Your Subscription Plan

Training AI models requires servers and data scientists, which is costly; plus, they eat a lot of pizza. To keep the power on, we ask you to click  "Choose My Plan" and select the tier that meets your needs.  Of course, you get to try this for free for 14-days, so it's a low-risk, high reward opportunity. 

That's it!  If you have any questions, ideas, comments, or concerns, please contact us at or click the chat button to the right.

Fire it up!

~Team Skafos

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