What are a few titles or concepts I can give my product finder?

Our Interactive Product Finders do very well when there is a clear call to action and the use of a verb for them to want to take action in the Title. 

Below are Title and Subtitle best practices for both the Product Finder and the Recommendation Summary views:

1. Product Finder: 


  • "Discover Your Style"
  • "Discover Your Perfect <insert Collection Name>"
  • <insert Collection Name> Finder”


  •  "Like or Dislike for Instant Recommendations"
  • "Like or Dislike & Get Our Recommendations"
  •  "Like or Dislike for Instant Styling Suggestions"

2. Recommendation Summary: 


  • "Here are your top matches" 
  • "Here are some great (<insert collection name> or products or styles) for you!"
  • "Best matches for your consideration" 


  • "Selected based on Your Likes and Dislikes"
  • “These are recommended for you”
  • "These are your suggested (<insert collection name> or products or styles)
  • “We think you will love these”

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