How do I get in touch with your customer success and support?

We are eager to support you in any way. Don’t be shy! 

You can contact us in 4 ways: 

  1. Email us directly at
  2. Within the Shopify portal, we have both a Help Desk Chat experience and a Get Support link. 
    1. Helpdesk Chat: Click on the Apps category and then click on “ Product Finder App” and our chat icon will appear in the far right-hand corner of our dashboard. 
    2. Support Link: A “Get Support” icon in the Installed Apps section next to our app name will email your inquiry directly to our team. 
  3. Set up a 1:1 meeting with us through this scheduling link
  4. Call us between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm EST at 434.299.0784. 
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